Vangen Kafé

Vangen kafé had the right esthetic, but fell short on performance.

Vinyl & Wood

Vinyl & Wood is a place of character, most people wont have seen in a coffeeshop before.


If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know most exclamation marks are not positive… Good lord. Nr°13, you are cruel.


 “As is a tale, so is life: Not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters” ~ Seneca


Batant hits many of the marks, but theres a few tweaks to be had.

Jacob Aall

On the TV: Cycling World Championships Price of a latte & a black coffee: 74 kr Time on the clock: 14:10 3 things I see: Oiled-up rich boys, sharing a bucket of prosecco, lots of summer dresses, even more sweaty forheads. 3 things I hear: Shattering, as the ‘prosecco boys’ broke one of their glasses…

Rivals: Espresso House VS Starbucks

For our first head to head, rival on rival, catfight, we start out with an easy one: Starbucks Kjøttbasaren 🆚 Espresso House Olav Kyrres Gate I tested the coffee on a cold rainy day, so also got to see how the cups faired keeping the drinks warm. Before I had even tried both coffees I…

Colonna & Small’s

Today we take a jump into the past. A while ago I went to Bath, UK, and visited Colonna & Small’s. Colonna & Small’s is a coffee shop in a league of its own. Here the baristas are deeply passionate in their coffee making, but also deeply involved in the process of picking that coffee….