Vangen Kafé

Voss is in no way the “navel of the world”, as we say in Norway, but it’s a meeting point for many skiing enthusiasts and has a multitude of tourists, locals and Norwegians hitting the slopes every year. It’s impressive then how the town has kept much of its old-town countryside look and feel. It still feels like it’s part of farmland Norway. Our heritage is kept here, a slice of the old days. It’s kind of nice.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a good grinder and a coffee machine. “Old” not synonymous with “outdated”.

Walking into Vangen I was surprised, as it looked so fresh and cool.

But the food and guests did not match. It felt like those cafés my grandma insist on going for egg or tuna sandwiches. The counter was set up like a self-serve, like you see in hospitals or IKEA, and the coffee was scolding hot. My poor tongue 👅

The cakes were yummy scrummy fabulous, but this place could have finally been a place for the young people in this town, and it came up short.

So, let them eat cake! I will try again somewhere else. A great place to take gramdma, and I truly loved the decor, but not my place.

Final verdict: 2/6 stars 🌟🌟

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