An age builds up cities; an hour destroys them. In a moment the ashes are made, but a forest is a long time growing.

~ Seneca

Known to the surrounding wildlife as “the university café”, Blom felt very grown-up. Both times I’ve been in, this place has been filled with a mass of different clientele, from students to what looked more like a club for old-time scholars. It’s part of the same people who has upped my quality of life with Kaffemisjonen.

They serve a small selection of food here, and a range of tasty coffee options.

Blom coffee
I still don’t know what a “parrot pot” is, I must investigate!

I ordered a cappuccino and a scone. The first time I came the guy seemed tired and a little uninterested, the second time was great fun, another guy was there and he was telling about the coffee they had and smiling constantly. I am a firm believer that coffee served with a smile tastes sweeter.

They do good coffee here, but I think they need to talk together to make sure they all know how to best suit the wibe of the place. Talk a little about connecting with your customers and so forth. Some of the staff are great and others not so much. I’d love to see them all come together and push the bar up to the next level.

You can definitely go here for an interesting brew, and tasty food. I have yet to try the kitchen food, but the scones were great.

I love the rustic modern clean interior too. This place is definitely worth a try. My friend had the hot chocolate, which I noticed they make with Valrhona chocolate pelets (tasty French chocolate, big feather in the cap), but it was very bitter, so they must be using only the 70 % pellets. At Litleré we also use Valrhona, but a mix of 4 x dark-, 2 x medium- and 1 x light chocolate.

Final verdict: 4/6 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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