Budapest Baristas

Seek not the good in external things. Seek it in yourself.

~ Epictetus

At Budapest Baristas mismatch if your friend. There were yellow, red, turquoise and white cups, of the ones I saw, and the staff wears their own unique styles. One had a shirt and her hair in a tight bun, the other wore torn jeans and a printed t-shirt. O e looked just like Pippi Longstocking.

What did match though were their lovely and welcoming personalities.

“Coffee is my best friend” said a sign on the wall, and I believe it here. We got recommended the pecan pie, which I’d never tried before, and went to our table. But where were they?

A narrow staircase takes you up to the “shelves” built around the length of the tall shop walls, a small fence keeping your face from soaring into the ground. Like larks under a red painted Danish cottage we sat up under the beams, drinking our tasty cappuccinos and looking down on the antlike people below, bussying about.

The caramel pecan pie had a hint of winter spice. (I also had a Tonca-bean truffle πŸ™ˆ So tasty! Like cocoa with lemon)

The coffee is burnt caramel, smooth on the tongue, sweet, intense flavour.

  • Cosy
  • Modern but rustic Ooks like all the cakes would go great with coffee, and the cookies look like they would fall apart and melt when you bite into them

Most of the tables have room for only 2 people. People are holding hands, talking, giggling, whispering. It’s a little lovenest.

Final verdict: 5/6 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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