Review: Tamp & Pull

The radio was on rather loud, something which became very evident when ever there were Hungarian commercials πŸ€—

I liked how, when you order, the guy explains what beans they have, there were the fruity El Salvador or an Ethiopian with more classic flavours. It isn’t too common to be explained this unless you ask, so I got the sense that this guy really cared for his trade and his coffee beans.

They were using Has Bean for the filter coffee, which is Chris’ favourite brand, so we took a bag with us (and it really was very good, both for cappuccinos and espresso).

“One cappuccino, please” later, we were sat at our table. I also ordered a coconut-shavings swirl pastry thingy, i have really blown my sweets-allowance on this trip. (It was delicious)

The song on the radio went “This sass may be hard for some, but for some it is easier than to pick up a gun”, while the grinder starts on the shop’s beautiful copper machine. On the wall a sign reads “drink more coffee”. Don’t mind if I do.

All-time highlight on this visit still goes to the old man that walked in with his German Shepherd, feeding him pieces of his bun by throwing it in a arch aross the table and the dog snapping it up mid-air. What a couple! ❀️

Final verdict: 5/6 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Budapest really has a lot to offer when it comes to coffee shops πŸ‘

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