Trikken 106

This will be my last post from Bergen for a while. Heading over to Budapest next! But first: Trikken 106.

My whole family came here. The wind blew us away outside, and so sought shelter. What better than what looks like a converted tram?

The counter flashed a tall jar of chocolate chip cookies and we smelled wafles. A man was being served an Irish Coffee, the barrista made the cream swirl into the coffemixture of the back of a spoon. 3 min later we were firmly plonked down on a long table, cappuccinos, cookies and wafles ordered and the rain drying off our coats.

A few people are sitting by the bar, there are old pictures and signs on the walls and games like “Cards against humanity” and the box set of The Sopranos is lying about.

The signs read “Getting on or off while moving is NOT permitted”, “Sandviken – Minde” and “This is the conductors seat”.

It’s a cute concept, I’m really liking it. The coffee shows up first. One acain my judgemental streek tricked me. The coffee didn’t have any latte art, so I didn’t expect it to be nice, but actually it was almost like a hot chocolate… The ultimate cappuccino goal… The foam was too bubbly, and thin like you would maybe have on a latte, but the taste was great! Shame on me for judging by looks, again! It just goes to show that you can judge as much as you like, you get what you get anyway.

Next to us, two women sit knitting, they’re looking like badass knitters, one if them has a leather jacket over her chair, the otherone has spikes/rivets on her shoes.

Outside the wind rips over the cafésign and the trees are bending, but all I can hear is “Ragged Wood” by The Fleet Foxes and my own comfy sighs.

Warm. Cozy. Great cuppa. Sign me up.

Final verdict: 5/6 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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