Review: Dromedar Gågaten

If you live in harmony with nature you will never be poor. If you live in accordance with what others think you will never be rich.

~ Seneca

There is another Dromedar in Bergen. The older brother, if you will. When I was little, I never went here, because it was too expensive, when I was a youth I did, beacuse my dad gave me pocket money, and this place had live goldfish in bowls on every table. It was the coolest place, I entered starry-eyed, and I had this mate who would meet me there for a mocca or late or even tea, and we would discuss books and philosophy. I wore a berét and felt so grown up. I’m telling you, I was one of the cool carefree kids for the two hours it took us to slowly sip our drink and contemplate life.

I know I am the bearer (or beréter? 🤗) of bad news lately, with all my “hate reviews”, but it’s not my fault glossy pictures fade with time, if you know what I mean. This Dromedar was a cool place. The place to be. Goldfish, hello!?!? But now it’s just bitter coffee and sour staff. They’re so dull, tired and uninterested in your life, they’d suck the soul right out if you if you have them a chance. Geez.

So. No. Just don’t.

And the might not matter to many of you, but it is very emotional for me, ok? I mean, what happened to my sweet Goldie? 🐠 One day she’s swimming around, the world at her non-existing feet, and the next she’s just gone. Did you flush her?? 😱

Bad coffee and no goldfish. I’m sorry. You leave me no choice here really…

Final verdict: 3/6 🌟 🌟 🌟

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