Caffé Dallucci

Time: 15:30

Price: 44 kr (double cappuccino)

Hear: Clinking of both wineglasses and beer bottles, the English barrista taking yet another alcoholic order, happy hour is every hour here apparently 👌 and many “Skål”s (Norwegian for “cheers”).

See: Really cool geometrical chairs in white, black and purple, suits, huge glass windows all around. It’s like being inside a futuristic greenhouse.

Feel: Warmth slowly returning to my gloveless fingers, sniffly, cold toes.
The café is inside Media City, first floor. It’s all geometrical shapes and hipster music. People in suits louncuing with chinos and untucked shirts. The business woman next to the tech assistant. The workaholic constantly in a heated argument on her phone next to the woman with spiritual jewelry and a glass of Fanta. Everyone is “Hey man”ing and laughing. The speakers are playing “I like the way” and then Ed Sheeran starts his “oh misty eye of the mountain below” before the barista switches him over to a more upbeat one I don’t know.

The coffee is ok, it’s a little bitter but definitely not bad. I alos got given two ginger biscuits on my saucer, so I’m happy 😊
After I warned up I realised it was a bit of a draft where I’m sitting. But the music is relaxing and I’m dozing off a little, so their is definitely a place I wouldn’t mind revisiting. I’ve been here once before for the launch of Media City, but then this was just used as a bar, and now it’s definitely settled into it’s intended coffee vibe.

Final verdict: 4/6 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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