Mjølfjelltunet Kafé

Don’t explain your philosophy, embody it.

~ Marcus Aurelius

Merry Christmas to you all! My Christmas wish came true this year; I am celebrating on the family cottage at Mjølfjell (Norwegian for “flour mountain”).

There are few places in the world where I feel 100 % relaxed. Not ONE stressful thought, not ONE bad memory. Mjølfjell is one of those places, and it’s heaven to be here.

Outside snow covers every inch of the ground, and the trees are slanting, heavy from their white coats. Inside it’s warm and quiet. Old wooden skis are placed in one corner, a tall bookshelf in another, and there are red and white flowers on all the tables. The comfy chairs make the perfect seat for a body tired from skiing. The bookshelf is a sharing shelf. You take a book and leave another behind. Such a charming ide.

This is a good place. The staff are lovely, friendly, and the cafe’s adjoining shop makes for a wholesome place for the surrounding cottages to come and enjoy a cuppa and get some bits and bobs.

Final verdict: 5/6 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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