Harris + Hoole

THROWBACK TIME? ‘Tis the season to be jolly, as they say, and therefore I will share with you a little throwback coffeeshop memory.

Harris + Hoole is a chain in disguise. You can walk into one and think you took a wrong turn into Starbucks (Yes, any road that leads to Starbucks is wrong.) and another time you walk into one of them you feel like you’ve stumbled upon some hidden gem, an old fashion coffeehouse in the middle of a busy street. They’re all a little different, but it’s all Harris + Hoole.

And the jig might be up, but it doesn’t matter, because H+H is such a sweet place to be when you stumble upon the right one. Like I did 4 years ago. Only two things make you remember a place 4 years later; you had the worst time/you had the best time. I had the best time.

First off I ordered (hold on to your hats) a cappuccino and sat writing for a while. It was peaceful and quiet. I think a few snowflakes even stroked the glass outside my windowseat. Then my friend Scott showed up, so I had to get another cup with him, of course. When it arrived, it was accompanied by nothing less than a frickin’ mint marshmallow covered in moccabeans. DID YOU HEAR ME? coffee. mint. marshmallow. mocca. free. Did I say mint? Someone had the clairvoyance to bring me this fluffy melt-on-my-tongue goodness. Like carved straight out of a cloud. I don’t think that day could have gone better. And look at the cups. So adorable, country-sheek.

The food was great, the cappuccino was great and my mini sugarcloud was great. I could sit there all day every day. Let me just win the lottery, brb…

I can’t score them too high, because I don’t actually remember the actual flavour of anything but the mint marshmallow 🙈 The memory of the place is amazing, but the coffee could be crap, so I’ll go back one day and then get back to you 😉 If I dare go back, in the fear that my memory will be crushed by a cruel reality, but I will. One day.

Final verdict: 4/6 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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