On the speakers: Jazz music

Time on the clock: 06:55

Price of a cappuccino: 38 kr

Hear: Staff drinking coffee while chatting downstairs, washing machine, squeaky door

See: An amazing stained glass ceiling, Foodora sticker on the door, some diploma of 8.6 score on a 2016 guest review (this is when I realize it is a hotel bar)

Feel: Cold, the Aircon brushing my cheeks, my jaw slowly relaxing as warmth creeps back into my body
OH NO! The foam was bobbing. Listen up people,, unless it’s like this:

I got given two sugar cubes. They might have saved a little of the bad taste, but I did not get a spoon. So… Thanks? And, of course, cinnamon on top! (If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know that exclamation mark is not a positive one… and stay off the cinnamon!) Good lord. Nr°13, you are a cruel mistress.

If the coffee had been good I could have really liked it here. That ceiling alone could make you dream away your sorrows for hours on end.


But it’s really really bad coffee. There was way too much coffee-to-milk ratio, so the coffee probably hadn’t been pressed down hard enough. And anyone who f**king grabs a spoon and scoops milk-foam onto my coffee from the milk-jug, deserves a right spanking. And not the good kind.
It is so bitter that I am becoming bitter. I want revenge. But honestly; if you’re going to offer coffee, take a few hours to train your staff, it’s extremely rewarding and produces customers. Especially when you’re one of the only places open before 7AM. My advice: Make a goal to serve better coffee than Narvesen, the kiosk across from you, and work from there. Come on.
Final verdict: 2/6 🌟 🌟

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