On the speakers: Every Breaing Wave, U2

Price of a cappuccino: £4.5

Time on the clock: 12:46

3 things I see: An empty shop, cool lighting, board-games (WOOP!)

3 things I hear: Soup bubbling, coffee machine warming up, my English friend complaining about Brexit.

3 things I smell: Soup. Mushroom soup. Croutons. Must. order. soup!

3 things I feel: Soft cushion, a little disappointed the soup wasn’t ready yet, ready for my buz!

The coffee wasn’t all that, but the atmosphere of the place gave it a few points. The wood panels, rustic feel. I do like it when I can step of the streets of Bergen into a mountain cottage.

After an hour the soup arrived (we had been told this, so it was ok, but don’t go there before 13 if you want soup) ((and you do!)).

We were going to play a board-game to pass the time, but they looked so beaten and tattered they’d fall apart at a touch. Didn’t look as inviting as it had from afar. Chatting worked well though, but the music was loud and my friend is depth on one ear, so think it was a little tricky for him. Which I found amusing, but that’s just because I’m an evil b.

This thing about volume is something I’ve always wondered. Is it really that hard to get it just right? Are we all so different that ‘loud’ to me is comfortable for someone else? The cinema does this too, with their “4D” experience, or is is 5D now? Just because I let Spiderman splash water in my face Cinemax, doesn’t mean I want the Hulk to scream my eardrums out. Think about the fact you want your viewers back.

Anyway. Bastant hits many of the marks, ESPECIALLY when it comes to soup, but maybe tweak the coffee? I will be back for more mushrooms and croutons!
Final verdict: 🌟 🌟 🌟 3/6

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