Café Opera

On the speakers: Nothing

Price of a take away cappuccino: 35 kr

Time on the clock: 16:24

3 things I see: Poster for the theater “The Good Soul of Szechwan”, coronations on every table, a painting of a yellow and pink pineapple 🍍

3 things I hear: Chatter, someone laughing upstairs, creaking from the door

3 things I smell: Coffee, fish oil (WTF?), Chris’ cologne (“The Woods” by Brooklyn Soap Company)

3 things I feel: Cold wind from outside whenever the door opens, relaxed, curious to read all the posters adorning the door and walls

Cafe Opera feels like a student union. The name certainly doesn’t suggest to be a watering hole for students, so somehow they must have stumbled upon a need that wasn’t being fulfilled in Bergen. Or rather; the students stumbled in. But, why not? Go where the wind blows, right?

There are students and young professionals sitting and chatting on most tables. A denominator for them all is that they sit leaned back, no computers, surprisingly few phones, they’re literally chilling. There’s nothing seemingly spesial about the place, but somehow it is a little special anyway.

The barista looks like he’d make a good cup if coffee. I order a cappuccino to go, but it comes in a ceramic mug… Hmmm… OK. I sit down. Why not? Bring it on Operahuset. It is a little weak, I don’t think I’m alone in the opinion you shouldn’t taste water in your coffee. Disappointing.

I’m eavesdropping on a little boy telling his grandma he’s going to be a YouTuber. She’s asking ‘a what?’ and he repeats ‘a YouTuber’ and she says ‘a what?’ This is the third time they’ve done this dance. Finally his mother says ‘she doesn’t know what a YouTuber is, hun.’ Apparently it is ‘someone who talks on videos’, so he explains that’s why he has to practice talking a lot. #lifegoals

I didn’t finish my coffee. Although not great, it wasn’t unpleasant and the atmosphere is very nice and relaxed, so it makes up for some of the slack.

Final verdict: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

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