Review: Jacob Aall

On the TV: Cycling World Championships

Price of a latte & a black coffee: 74 kr

Time on the clock: 14:10

3 things I see: Oiled-up rich boys, sharing a bucket of prosecco, lots of summer dresses, even more sweaty forheads.

3 things I hear: Shattering, as the ‘prosecco boys’ broke one of their glasses (plebs 😂), DJ down on the street, helicopter above filming the cycling. 

3 things I smell: French fries, coffee, the maroccan argan oil in my hair

3 things I feel: Sun warming my back, wind through the potted palm trees, that complete, all consuming, relaxing summer feel, for once in Bergen. 

Jacob Aall is a hidden spot, a secret garden, where you can buy mojito sorbet(!) and eat mussels while you relax on a rooftop terrace, with only the slow clouds above. 

I ordered a latte this time. The bartender was English it seemed and he had complete control. His hands were everywhere at once. Every order was done in a blink. A man in control. It was enticing.

The latte was great. It’s my cheat day, like every other day, so added some sugar. Tasted smooth and was real nice. Unusual for it to be served in a cup, but it worked. There was a delicate little chocolate covered biscuit on the spoon on my saucer. So charming. 

Everyone was just sitting there enjoying their drinks and the sun. Passionfruit Dequiries and sunglasses. It’s a place you dress nice, for yourself not for anyone else. Bring a book, have time. One of those feel-good place for feel-good people. 

It felt exclusive. I felt exclusive. I was one of those people that sit at Jacob Aall’s at 2 pm drinking latte in the sun. 

I could happily stay there all day every day. Shame that would take away the exclusiveness and just make it sad 😂

Final verdict: 5/5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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