‘The penguin’ 🐧 is a place I felt a little hipster walking into. Then after a while I felt maybe I should be knitting instead.

On the radio: Some sort of lullaby-like music

Price of one cappuccino: 44 kr

Time on the clock: 17.58

3 things I see: Two tourists taking a picture of their Norwegian money, a lady bringing a new candle (previous burnt out), the rain outside, which I’m all too happy escaping.

3 things I hear: Unidentifiable music on the speakers, unidentifiable murmur of people talking, clanking of plates.

3 things I smell: My plum cake, smoke from that candle that just burnt out, that’s it, remarkably odourless place.

3 things I feel: Too hot, my coffee shakes kicking in, cosy.

Being in Pingvinen 🐧 is like someone wrapped you up in a duvet and ten blankets, sat you down in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, telling you they cancelled all of your plans for the day.

There were masses of different noise, but none so loud you could make them out as anything else than part of the murmur. A murmur soup. And with the clanking from the kitchen, the hot room, low lighting and exposed planks everywhere, my mind drifted me off into a dream about being aboard a creaking ship, lulling back and forth with the waves. Maybe that is why I ordered the Broccoli and Cream soup?

After dinner it was (add imaginary sparkles) cappuccino time. Disappointment struck though, like lightning on the ship’s deck. First, the coffee cup was made of glass. Yes, it looked cool, but they went cold so quick. Function over form, people! Second, this was like a washed out miniature latte, where was my cappuccino foam?! How can you sail the seven seas without foam? And in liquid as cold as the rain I was trying to escape? No, I was definitely back on my seat, and the noise and heat became bothersome instead of nice. Shame.

If the coffee and food were as nice as the place, Pingvinen 🐧 would have scored high on my list. I had even forgotten to write about my plum cake. See? You don’t want to serve a cake the guest forgot they had, that’s no good.

As it stands, I would go back, but maybe just for food, so I can keep my ship on sunny waters.

Final verdict: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

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