Colonna & Small’s

Today we take a jump into the past. A while ago I went to Bath, UK, and visited Colonna & Small’s.
Colonna & Small’s is a coffee shop in a league of its own. Here the baristas are deeply passionate in their coffee making, but also deeply involved in the process of picking that coffee. Each week you can sample new types of coffee, delicious beans, which they have picked out themselves. It’s amazing.

Go there! Be mesmerized! Fall in love!

Here you’ll also see coffee art beyond the normal heart-shape and you’ll taste the smoothest milk, the most well-balanced acidity, all served in small sky-blue cups.

They have decorated with rustic tables, you can get a brownie and sit in between bags of beans and potted coffee plants. Many of the regulars sit for hours, drinking and working on their computers. It’s a place for reading and philosophizing. You’ll want to try all the types of beans when you’re there, so you can end up with quite the espresso-kick.

Go there! Be mesmerized! Fall in love! Just be careful you don’t end up as part of the furniture. It’s easy, given how cool a place this is.

Final verdict: 6/6 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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