Best: Coffee Machines

So, there are many coffee machines out there. Many of them are really good. In my house we value everything we can do ourselves. The more hands-on we can get the better, so I will only be recommending manual machines. I’ll give you my favourite machine in a few sec, but first let’s just look at why.

If you don’t think you have time for a manual brew, make time.

These are some quite good machines:

  • Really decent, cheap-end price tag: Gaggia Gran Prestige
  • Excellent and easy: Rancilio Silvia
  • Sleek design (and name): De’Longhi Scultura

Why you should get a manual machine

If you don’t think you have time for a manual brew, make time. It will be the best decision you ever made. Before I made coffee from scratch, I thought any cup of coffee was a cup of coffee. All I can say; just wait til you’ve steamed your first milk, jug brimming with frothy smoothness. Wait til you’ve managed your first heart-shaped latte art, the snaps and instas alone will label you Queen or King Of Mornings. Just wait til you sit down and breathe in the beans and feel the sheer delight of your magical morning. You will have a sense of mightiness, which will follow you out the door and help you smash the whole rest of your day. (And you can get cute takeaway cups with slogans like “But First Coffee” or “Life Starts with Coffee” WOOP!) All because of one little coffee machine and the God you are for wielding it.

The Best of The Best

So, to the créme de la créme, la piéce de rèsistance, or in my finest English: tha shit.

THE BEST coffee maker money can buy, the sweetest, most sexy looking piece of hardware you can own. The brand of all brands: La Pavoni.

The story behind their machines alone, makes my mouth water. Take the model Stradivari for example. It has been designed after studying drawings of Stradivari’s violins, the famous lute-maker who lived in Cremona, Antonio. The plinth remind us of the violin case and the lever is the bow.

La Pavoni has been around since 1905, that is over 110 year of experience. They produce lever machines, which lets your get the absolute full extraction of your beans. You decide the pressure and the tempo, and get all the best flavours out of your coffee. You. Not the machine. YOU. This is all your doing, that’s what makes the process of a manual machine such a thrilling and rewarding thing. A thing of pure beauty.

So. My advice is thus: Go on, Gumtree or where ever and get yourself a lever La Pavoni. It will look beautiful on your counter-top and feel beautiful on your tongue. Elegance, quality and reliability are not just the words to describe the company, or the aesthetics of their machines, they are the words to describe the espresso. The milk. The cappuccino, latte, iced mocca, chai. What ever you’re in the mood for, you can create it.

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