Litleré // Mat

Litleré // Mat is currently the only coffee shop worth visiting at Nesttun.

On Spotify: Walk on Water – Thirty Seconds To Mars

Price of one cappuccino: 40 kr

Time on the clock: 09:59

3 things I see: Bybanen passing by, black currant jam from Røyland Gård, flowers blooming outside

3 things I hear: The angelic voice of Jared Leto, clinking of ceramic coffee cups, a kid kicking the table next to me 😑

3 things I can smell: Vanilla ice-cream from Isrosa, cappuccino, my own perfume (‘Dot’ by Marc Jacobs)

3 things I can feel: Peace, cold toes, slight annoyance at continuing table kicking 😅

Litleré is a quiet little place in the mornings and evenings. Mid day however, it is the preferred watering hole of the local stroller-mafia, so if that’s not you…you know what to do. (aren’t my morning rhymes just the best?)

I enjoy my coffee nestled between organic and local produce, watching the city backdrop through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The staff likes to talk, but will leave you alone if you prefer it, so you can come here for a chat or some peace-and-quiet, depending on what you feel like on the day.

This is a fairly new place (opened early 2016, and I promice that’s it for the history lesson, please don’t leave me), but the coffee itself is expertly made by the shop’s two most skilled staffmembers, and the other three aren’t far behind in their training, so this is going good. The milk is smooth, the #latteart is cool and the cakes are damn tasty.

Here you can also grab a bag of Lippe beans, my favourite! Just watch the roast date, as they tend to drag out. You want no more than one month old beans max.
Final verdict: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Well worth a visit, or two.

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