Mantra Espresso Bar

Mantra Espresso Bar was like a massage parlour that served coffee, I’m really not hating it.

Coffee Cat

I went to Budapest! This is Coffee Cat, where I had my first ever poppy-seed pastry.

Trikken 106

You can judge things as much as you like, you get what you get anyway.

Cafe Bar P.R.C

Montenegro is very very different from Norway. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy…

Mjølfjelltunet Kafé

There’s not many places you will think a cup of shopbought Friele coffee is tasty, but this place makes it work.

Hellerud Cafe

Lucia has just been. Here’s a little fun one about that.

Harris + Hoole

#tbf Throwback Friday today, to a little place in Uxbridge, London.

Café Aura

Café Aura was my guilty nerd pleasure as a child.


If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know most exclamation marks are not positive… Good lord. Nr°13, you are cruel.